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How does ED affect a man emotionally?

Erectile dysfunction is a health problem that affects many men. This is because there are many causes of erectile dysfunction. It is a complete process that is triggered by the brain. The brain starts the process by generating feelings of sexual excitement. But the process involves many other body factors like Emotions Brain Muscles Hormones […]

How erectile dysfunction can ruin someone’s relationship

Erectile dysfunction is not a big problem if it happens sometimes. This is because due to stress and tiredness penis does not get erected and it is considered natural. But if men face continuous erectile dysfunction issues then this is a serious case. First, it brings down the confidence level of men, and second, it […]

Viagra vs Cialis

Both Viagra and Cialis are famous medications for erectile dysfunction. But Viagra comes into the market when there is no oral medication for erectile dysfunction. However, in recent years, many medicines are introduced in the market for erectile dysfunction and Cialis is one of these medicines. Therefore, men get confused while selecting which medication is […]

What is Levitra

For an active sex life, both partners must have active bodies. But due to different health issues, men suffer from erectile dysfunction problems. Erectile dysfunction lowers down the confidence of men and feels the performance pressure. This tension further leads to many issues. Therefore it is important to cure the erectile dysfunction problem in the […]